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Volunteers Needed to Lead Washington's Green Team
Posted 9/24/21

We are looking for a few great volunteers to help make Washington and the earth a better place for our kids! All BSD schools now have compost and recycling collection which diverts about 70% of waste from the landfill with proper sorting and dumpster usage. Please note food scrap and yard waste diversion to compost is mandatory under CA law as of Jan 2022. We want to continue doing this successfully along with any other green initiatives you feel passionate about. 


Key responsibilities:


Establish/reinforce protocols for proper waste sorting at school:

-reach out to principal for support

-discuss ideas and guidelines with custodial staff

-ensure 3 bin (compost, recycle, landfill) sorting stations with signs are in all eating areas

-coordinate annual sorting training for kids and staff; ideally during the first month of school. This can be done through assemblies with Rethink Waste, lessons in individual classes, lead by kids green team, video etc.

-encourage reducing waste (including food waste) and eliminating single use products in classes, meals etc.

-educate the community about WHY this is important (reduce methane pollution, eliminate need for new landfills, give nutrients back to the earth etc.)


Other possible contributions:


Help lead a kids green team. Some schools do only 4-5 graders, but can be any grades. This can be as much as you want to make of it. Past activity ideas: monthly meetings, litter pick ups around campus or nearby parks, special recycling projects (e.g. markers and crayons, costume exchange etc), garden projects, worm bin compost, recycled art projects, encourage reusable items instead of single use, encouraging walk/bike to school (clean air), etc.


Partner with PTA on any meetings/events to reduce waste. Less is more!


Lead parent, teacher and/or student education about clean energy, pollution, global warming etc.


Gardens, worm compost etc.


All ideas welcome--this can be a position you decide how and where to focus!


Please contact Jen Beerle if you're interested in supporting the Green Team at Washington!